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Welcome to our new website. As you can see we have had a redesign for 2014 and have added a number of new features. To view our social network pages please click on the Twitter, Facebook and Youtube icons at the top and bottom of every page or visit the Blog page here to catch up with all the very latest news and review the feed from our Twitter account.

There are many exciting plans ahead at Westview kennels, it's going to be a challenging and long year ahead, as always the trainers Championship is always on our radar as is the launch of The European Greyhound Racing Club (EGRC) set to go ahead at the end of January*.

We will be striving to do our very best for the dogs and owners both new and old and thank everyone for their loyalty and commitment to the kennel as without you all we couldn't have experienced the success that we have so far achieved. Onwards and upwards for what can hopefully be our best ever year.
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As a team we strive for continuous improvement.
We have over 60 different owners currently who value our open and friendly kennels where communication is valued.
Sunday mornings are always very busy with owners visiting and walking their dogs in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside.

We welcome enquiries from all new owners and everyone is welcome to come and visit and chat to staff and existing owners.

We have been attached to Monmore Green for a number of years now and more often than not have been the Champion trainer their (unless of course we are chasing the National Trainers Title), the track is possibly the best run track in the country with superb facilities for entertaining, eating and viewing the action, Add to that top prize money and run money then it's easy to see why so many owners like to race their dogs at the Wolverhampton venue.


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Greyhound racing is a fun sport and a great hobby to get into. The dogs start racing from 15 months old and can race up to 4/5 years of age.
The cost of buying a greyhound varies in price and can be as little as £500 and can go up to £50,000 depending on class and their breeding.
Training costs here are £7.50 per day + vat to train a greyhound
The only extras on top of that are any vets fees that the greyhound has acquired + quarterly worming charge and yearly inoculation and if a bitch's season is suppressed if the owner agrees.
Graded race dogs will not be charged travel expenses going back and forth to the track, but Open Class greyhounds will be charged travel expenses and the charge will vary on what part of the country the greyhound is racing.
The GBGB will also charge a one off fee for registration, change of ownership or changing of a greyhounds name.

After the racing career of a greyhound is over the owner may take the greyhound home as a pet or the greyhound will be re homed by the Monmore Green Retired Greyhound Trust (£100 Fee).

Any further information give me a call on 07885. 632329


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*We are all delighted to have David Yanez (Yan) come on board as of 1st January 2014, Yan has redesigned and will be maintaining as well our Twitter, Facebook and Blog updates.
We have launched the European Greyhound Racing Club website ( and Yan has built a sister site for that and is running all aspects of the club from updates, race night organisation, club membership and publicity announcements. Exciting times ahead for sure.
Any person wishing to know more about the club or would like to get in touch with Yan can email him or call 07525 139880